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Molten Metal Ultrasonic Processor


Product origin : Zhejiang, China

Delivery time : within 15 working days

Supply capacity : 1000Set/month

Product Description

High-power ultrasonic metal melt treatment system driven by ultrasonic vibration components and special ultrasonic power of two parts: ultrasonic vibration components mainly including high-power ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic transformers, tool head (launch), is used to generate ultrasonic vibration, and vibratory energy to the launch of metallic melts. Transducer the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, the ultrasound. The form is a transducer in longitudinal slip movement back and forth, amplitude generally within a few microns. So the amplitude of the power density is not enough, can not be used directly. The amplitude according to the need to enlarge the amplitude of design, isolate the metal melt and heat transfer, at the same time also have the effect of fixed the ultrasonic vibration system. Tool head is connected with the amplitude and the amplitude to ultrasonic vibration is passed to the tool head energy, again by the tool head would launch ultrasonic energy into the metallic melts.

Shown in the figure are typical structure of ultrasonic metal melt processor. According to the different requirements of production equipment, the structure of ultrasonic processor and the size can be changed correspondingly.

Ultrasonic special driving power source (supersonic generator) including rectifier circuit, oscillating circuit, amplifying circuit, feedback circuit, the track circuit, protection circuit, matching circuit and display instrument, etc. Used to produce high-frequency high power current, driven by ultrasonic vibration components work. The power adjustable ultrasonic generator, so as to adapt to different working condition. Within the generator can also be according to the need to integrate with timing controller, set control ultrasonic vibration time and interval time.

Ultrasound applied in the metal melt processing there are also two special difficulties, namely, high temperature and corrosion. We all know that the core component of the piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer is the piezoelectric ceramic piece, it is only after a high voltage polarization has a piezoelectric properties. If temperature exceeds 80 ℃, the piezoelectric ceramic is depolarization, piezoelectric performance will decline, and the drop is not reversible. Followed by the metal melt temperature is generally high, the temperature of the black metal even more than one thousand degrees. Launch head to immersed in the melt, but also high power ultrasonic launch, will be affected by the ultrasonic dual role of corrosion and the molten metal liquid corrosion. This processor is proposed to design and manufacture of ultrasonic metal melt with high requirements. Fortunately, after successful people unremitting efforts, all these problems have been solved. We will according to the present situation and the requirements of users, tailored to meet the requirement of the users to use metallic melts processor.


High-power ultrasonic effect on the crystallization of molten metal process, can significantly refine metal grain, homogeneous alloy composition, accelerate the bubble motion, significantly improve the metal material properties, such as strength, hardness, plasticity and toughness.


Ultrasonic Power


Ultrasonic Frequency


Input Voltage

220V, 50Hz


See Attachment


About 35KGS

Max. Liquid Working Temperature 




Cooling Way

Air Cooling

Parameter Setting

Ultrasonic Power  Adjustable



System Protection

Over Temperature Protection  Over Current Protection


Touch Screen

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